Our First Festival

Huddersfield Stage Dance Festival

We are delighted to have the date for our first festival: 5th November. This gives us our first target to aim for. We now have our deadline in which we need to have completed our choreographies and to produce polished performances.

So far we have been meeting all together for a Curious class. This has been a contemporary workout with Megan, an improvisation session with Mrs Winstanley and specific focus on turns with Mr Marriott. This gives us a chance to be a whole company of twenty dancers -we occasionally come back together at the end of rehearsal to share our progress so far.

us-jumpThen we split into Curiosus and Curiosum (I think the two groups have swapped names at some point!) to work on our separate choreographies. Both groups made a surge of progress initially and the pieces began taking shape very quickly.

We then began focussing on the detail, making sure every step was clearly executed and that the choreography was effective. This is where the hard work and dedication of the dancers really counts. It is the dancers that bring a choreographic vision to life and turn it from an idea into an exciting watchable piece of theatre. When we are on a creative roll the choreographic ideas flow effortlessly and many of the magic moments come from a spark of inspiration of a dancer in the moment.

We’re having a great time making our festival pieces and now we’re really looking forward our first festival to perform at.