Who we are…

Over the last 6 years The Curious Dance Company has gained a solid reputation for creating ambitious and inventive youth dance pieces of the highest quality. We have been programmed by professional theatres, featured in newspaper and T.V. news articles and attracted new audiences to see our work.

The Curious Dance Company aim to create innovative and ambitious youth dance theatre of the highest standard through the development of youth dance performers and choreographers. We enable our youth dancers to be the best they can be. Many of our previous members are pursuing a career in dance or are currently in dance training.

We have created dance works both full length and concise. We produce our original, ambitious full length works every two years. These will be auditioned for at the start of each new project.

We are now also running two smaller performance groups that will create the concise works for festivals; both competitive and noncompetitive. These will be auditioned for on a yearly bases.

The Curious Dance Company are based at Queen Elizabeth School in Cumbria and share the values and ethos of the school.